About Us

We started breeding puppies in 1986 on our farm in Anna, Texas. As a family with three boys and a love for dogs, we thought we’d give it a shot. Our first puppies were Cocker Spaniels, and since then, we have bred everything from Chihuahuas to Dobermans and everything else in between.

As we have gotten older, added another generation to our family, and moved to South Texas, we have continued to pass our passion for breeding and raising happy, healthy family companions to share with other families throughout Texas and the United States.

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Why a Small Paw's Puppy?

We Are Family

We treat the puppies like our own and shower them with unconditional love and attention.

Selective Breeding

We select healthy partners for our dogs to ensure a successful breeding process.

Personal Touch

We spend a lot of time personally caring for the pets until they go to their new families.


A Doodle is any kind of mixed-breed dog that has a Poodle in its ancestors.

All Doodle generations have a chance of shedding.

Yes, all our puppies already have their shots.

Yes (link guarantee page)

Yes, they are registered.